Ying Sun Revised

Curriculum: Dirty Fighting, Hard Martial Arts

Knacks: Claw Hand, Lunge (unarmed), Throat Strike, Exploit Weakness (Ying Sun)

Apprentice: Apprentices have learned that while a striking falcon has little opportunity for defense, an enemy cannot strike what it cannot see. They receive one Free Raise per Mastery Level on all attacks made using the Eye Gouge Knack. Apprentices of Ying Sun spend a great deal of time in the forests of Tashil and Tiakhar, observing predators in their natural surroundings. As a result, instead of membership in the Swordsman’s Guild, they receive the Hunter Skill.

Journeyman: Journeymen of the style have witnessed territorial disputes between two proud males of one antlered species or another, and have incorporated elements of the beasts’ attacks into their fighting techniques. When using the Head Butt Knack, Journeymen may choose to inflict a 4k2 attack on their opponent, at the cost of suffering 2k1 Flesh Wounds themselves. Neither of these Damage Rolls is increased by Brawn. The TN to hit both you and your opponent drops to 5 until the end of the next Phase, or the end of the Round (whichever comes first).

Master: Masters of Ying Sun have learned to deal with their opponents the way the falcon deals with a serpent: a crippling strike to the serpent’s neck. They have learned the “Snake Defeating Hand” technique, a grasping Throat Strike which leaves the opponent virtually helpless against the Master’s relentless assault. To make this attack, he spends an Action Die and rolls Finesse + Throat Strike, calling as many extra Raises as he likes. If successful, the attack inflicts an automatic Dramatic Wound, plus additional damage as a regular barehanded attack (triggering a Wound Check as usual). For each extra Raise taken on the Throat Strike attack (unless it is used to increase damage), the Master may immediately spend an Action Die from later in the Round to make an Eye Gouge, Head Butt, Kick, or regular Dirty Fighting Attack.

Ying Sun Revised

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