Yi Quan Revised

Curriculum: Hard Martial Arts, Soft Martial Arts

Knacks: Corps-á-Corps, Disarm (Unarmed), Snap Kick, Exploit Weakness (Yi Quan)

Apprentice: The Apprentice learns that mobility is the key to Yi Quan, and that the art should be used for defense, rather than offense. When using Footwork as his Defense Knack the Apprentice may increase his TN to be hit by his Rank in the Leaping Knack. Apprentices receive a free Rank in the Leaping Knack in lieu of membership in the Swordsman’s Guild. If the Apprentice does not have access to Leaping in any of his Skills, he receives the free Rank as a Specialty Knack, and it does not count against his limit of three Specialty Knacks.

Journeyman: Already capable of defending himself in hand to hand combat, a Journeyman of Yi Quan learns to focus his energies to defend himself from the arrow strikes of the bandits and highwaymen that plague the roads of Han Hua. He may use Block (Martial Arts) as his Defense Knack against arrows, thrown weapons, stones from slings, or crossbow bolts. A missile weapon which misses due to a target’s Passive Defense simply fails to hit the target. If the Journeyman makes a successful Active Defense against a missile attack using Block (Martial Arts), he has actually snatched the missile out of the air rather than simply batting it aside, and earns a Drama Die which disappears at the end of the current Round if it is not used. This Drama Die never converts to an Experience Point under any circumstances.

Master: As a Master, a student of Yi Quan recognizes that sometimes a fight cannot be avoided. Thus, he learns to use his skills for offense in an attempt to intimidate his enemies into submission; in essence, learning how to fight so that he will not have to fight. The Journeyman may add his Rank in the Leaping Knack to both Attack Rolls and Damage Rolls when using Kick as his attack Knack. Furthermore, he receives a free Rank in his Leaping Knack. This may increase his Rank in Leaping from a 5 to a 6. If it does not, he may increase it from a 5 to a 6 later by spending 25 XP.

Yi Quan Revised

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