Wu Tsain Revised

Curriculum: Geomancer, Soft Martial Arts

Knacks: Disarm (Unarmed), Tagging (Unarmed), Yield, Exploit Weakness (Wu Tsain)

Apprentice: Apprentices of Wu Tsain learn how to make false attacks that disrupt their enemies’ offensive rhythm. When they make a Tagging attack, they may forego the usual options of discarding one of the opponent’s Drama Dice or gaining a Drama Die of their own. If they do, they may increase the opponent’s next Action Die by 1, plus the number of Raises made on the Tagging roll. If this increases the Action Die past 10, it is discarded. Apprentices receive a free Rank in one of their Swordsman Knacks in lieu of membership in the Swordsman’s Guild.

Journeyman: Unchanged, except that you gain a bonus to Active Defenses using the Yield Knack equal to your Rank in that Knack, rather than Keeping an extra die.

Master: Unchanged.

Note: Yield functions mechanically the same as Double Parry.

Wu Tsain Revised

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