Shan Dao Revised

Curriculum: Athlete, Heavy Weapon

Knacks: Beat (Heavy Weapon), Corps-á-Corps, Exploit Weakness (Shan Dao), Lunge (Heavy Weapon)

Apprentice: Apprentices of the Shan Dao school learn to put incredible power behind their two-handed strikes. They may add their Rank in Brawn to any rolls using the Attack (Heavy Weapon) Knack (e.g., an Apprentice with a Brawn of 3 may receives a +3 bonus to his attack rolls, as well as contested rolls to resist a Disarm attempt). The Apprentice receives the Combat Reflexes Advantage at no cost in lieu of membership in the Swordsman’s Guild.

Journeyman: Unchanged.

Master: The Masters of Shan Dao move and strike so quickly, even they have occasional trouble keeping up with themselves. Their opponents, naturally, suffer a much worse fate. Masters may roll as many extra Kept Action Dice as they wish, and may do so in conjunction with the Journeyman ability. However, for each extra Action Die they roll, all their attacks for that Round (including the use of their Swordsman Knacks) roll one less Kept die (-1k1).

Shan Dao Revised

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