Jasni Revised

Curriculum: Captain, Fencing

Knacks: Beat (Fencing), Corps-á-Corps, Disarm (Fencing), Exploit Weakness (Jasni)

Apprentice: Apprentices of Jasni quickly learn to compensate for the rolling motion of the sea and the weight of their signature blades while fighting. They may use their Balance Knack in place of their Parry (Fencing) Knack while using a kastane, and they may disregard the Action Die penalty associated with the kastane’s blade-heavy manufacture. In addition, if they participate in a Boarding, they always add their Mastery Level in Jasni to rolls on the Boarding Action Table, and any opposing Crew lost as a result of a Boarding Action are considered captured as slaves, rather than killed. Apprentices receive Membership in the Tiakhar Volunteer Navy for free, rather than membership in the Swordsman’s Guild.

Journeyman: Journeymen of the Jasni style almost never lose their balance. They add an extra Kept Die (+1k1) to all rolls involving the Balance Knack, including Active Defenses. Furthermore, whenever they fight alongside Brute Squads, all the Brutes’ rolls are increased by their leader’s Mastery Level in Jasni.

Master: The Master’s fearsome reputation as a member of the Volunteer Navy increases his Fear Rating by 1, or gives him a Fear Rating of 1 if he did not have one before. If a Master takes part in a boarding, the die he rolls when using the Boarding Action table explodes if it rolls a ten. Finally, when fighting alongside a Brute Squad, the Master’s leadership increases the Threat Rating of the Squad by one (e.g., a TR 2 Brute Squad becomes a TR 3 Brute Squad). This increase applies to rolls the Squad makes, as well as bonuses to the Master’s own rolls, courtesy of fighting alongside the Brutes.

Jasni Revised

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