Gongjian Shue Revised

Curriculum: Archer, Rider

Knacks: Arc, Charge (Bow), Exploit Weakness (Gongjian Shou), Snapshot

Apprentice: Archers of this style learn to make every arrow they fire count. They may add their Mastery Level in Chima Gongjian Shou to all Damage Rolls they make after hitting a target with an arrow. Apprentices receive a free Rank in the Horse Archery Knack in lieu of membership in the Swordsman’s Guild.

Journeyman: Journeymen archers of this style are like dervishes in combat, darting about on their mounts and striking quickly. While on horseback, they may lower two Action Dice by their Rank in the Charge Knack before Phase 1 of each Round of combat.

Master: Masters have perfected the ability to draw and fire an arrow in the blink of an eye, even while mounted. They may use their Snapshot Knack on horseback. In addition, they do not need to make two Raises when using their Snapshot Knack, whether on foot or mounted.

Gongjian Shue Revised

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