Duelist's Academy

Feint Hotfix
As before, but change so if opponent takes wounds again this round, take an additional number of wounds equal to Weaponry.
(dunno what it is with them always nerfing this skill…)

New Maneuvers

Bind – can’t use weapon unless beat raises?
Corps-a-corps – knock prone/disadvantageous position, lose raises?
Disarm – what it says on the tin, spend +1 raise to catch weapon
Double Parry – looks cool, hero point?
Pommel Strike – can’t negate next attack’s wounds by a number = weaponry
Tagging – must meet raises with raises to attack opponent


The Allais style is a relative newcomer among the duelists of Theah, developed some twenty years ago by a fraternity of Montaigne fencers. Heavily influenced by exposure to the fighting styles of Castille and Vodacce, the primary weapon of Allais is a rapier or foil. However, Allais duelists are known for using almost anything (even their own bodies) as an effective weapon. The school focuses on observation and manipulation of one’s environment, both in and out of combat. Over time, a Allais duelist begins to see the world as one enormous, potential brawl; he must learn to anticipate danger and strike quickly and effectively to dominate any situation.

When you wield a fencing weapon in one hand and nothing in the other, your Lunge maneuver is replaced with Allais’ Pounce. Allais’ Pounce deals damage equal to your ranks in Athletics + Finesse + raises. You also gain a bonus die on all risks based on Athletics.


Desaix Press
When you wield a fencing sword (such as a rapier or cutlass) in your right hand and a dagger in the left, your Slash Maneuver is replaced by the Desaix Press. Desaix Press deals Wounds equal to your Ranks in Weaponry, and a single Wound to another target. If you face only a single opponent (as in there are no other enemies present), Desaix Press deals this additional Wound to them.


When you wield a fencing weapon in one hand and nothing in the other, your Riposte is replaced with the Stop Thrust. When you Stop Thrust, spend any amount of Raises. You prevent a number of wounds equal to your Weaponry + Raises, and deal a number of wounds equal to Weaponry + Raises. You may only Stop Thrust once per round. (Alt: Spend all your remaining Raises. You prevent all wounds from this attack and deal a number of wounds equal to your Weaponry + wounds negated)

Duelist's Academy

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