The Gentleman Costanza

Captain operating in the Atabean and everyone's best friend


Lost Soul

Virtue: Wily (The Fool)
Hubris: Ambitious (The Magician)

Brawn ••
Finesse ••
Resolve ••
Wits •••
Panache ••••

Aim •
Convince •••
Empathy ••
Hide •
Intimidate ••
Notice •
Perform •
Sailing ••
Scholarship •
Tempt ••
Theft •••
Weaponry •

Cross the Palm
The Devil’s Due
Married to the Sea
Reputation – “The Gentleman”


A Game of Twenty Questions

1. What Nation is your Hero from?
Costanza has called many ports home in his time but none more so than Aragosta.

2. How would you physically describe your Hero?
Average height, if not slightly short, and on the heavier side.

3. Does your Hero have recurring mannerisms?
Often remarked on my others but never acknowledge by Costanza is his ever changing accent, making it hard to tell where he is from by speech alone.

4. What is your Hero’s main motivation?
Costanza is a man who seeks fortune and adventure, often doing a thing that no one said could be done just because it was said that it couldn’t be done.

5. What is your Hero’s greatest strength? Greatest weakness?
Costanza’s tongue is so silver he could sell water to the ocean.
On the other hand, Constanza has a tendency to put his needs over the needs of others and can sometimes become get stuck trying to live up to his own legend.

6. What are your Hero’s most and least favorite things?
Constanza enjoys people, their stories, and their adventures. He will always stop to listen to someone else’s advantures.
Despite a life at sea and among pirates, Costanza doesn’t really have a stomach for booze. In fact, he rarely if ever drinks unless the social situation calls for it.

7. What about your Hero’s psychology?
Costanza is always glib, even in the most dire of situations.

8. What is your Hero’s single greatest fear?
Costanza claims to be afraid of nothing.
He also doesn’t allow anyone to mention the devil Jonah or

9. What are your Hero’s highest ambitions? His greatest love?
Costanza’s greatest ambition is hard to pin down because there are a great man. Perhaps to go on the greatest adventure anyone has ever been on. His greatest love is a good story. Bonus points if he happens to be the center of it.

10. What is your Hero’s opinion of his country?
His opinion of his home nation has changed since he set out on his life of adventure

11. Does your Hero have any prejudices?
Costanza is generally suspicious of governing bodies but they don’t have too much to do with his day to day life. He does, however, have an intense dislike of the ATC.

12. Where do your Hero’s loyalties lie?
Himself, his crew, and the Brotherhood, but not necessarily in that order.

Actually, probably in exactly that order.

13. Is your Hero in love? Is she married or betrothed?
Costanza doesn’t know if he’s ever truly been in love, let alone married or betrothed.

14. What about your Hero’s family?
While he wishes he had fond memories of his family to talk about, his family (or any of his past) isn’t something he brings up terribly often.

15. How would your Hero’s parents describe him?
Probably in completely different terms than Costanza would use but then again who sees themselves the way their parents see them?

16. Is your Hero a gentle?
Not when he can help it.

17. How religious is your Hero? What sect of the Church does he follow?
Although Costanza prays and believes in the word of the Prophet, he’s not particularly zealous and doesn’t know or remember enough about the different sects to choose between them.

18. Is your Hero a member of a guild, gentle’s club, or secret society?
Although not technically a pirate, Costanza is a frequent smuggler and blockade runner for the Brotherhood, particularly when they need discretion instead of brute force.

19. What does your Hero think of Sorcery?
Costonza is cautious of anyone who can bend reality to their will like a sorcerer can.

20. If you could what advice would you give your Hero?
Never forget where you came from.


Relationship with the PC.
What happened the last time they met.
A quirk or two about the NPC.


Anabelle de Vitry/Montaigne/Ambassador to La Bucca
Friend and fellow book lover
As always, Costanza and she spent a lovely evening discussing books and flirting
Never speaks negatively of anyone. Always cheery.


Jakub Berszel/Sarmatian/Politician
Distant friend from long ago
Constanza barely remembers Jakub, only that they played together as children
Bookish. Longs for a life of adventure. Jealous of Constanza’s freedom.


Malcolm Dwyer/Avalon/Lieutenant (formerly Captain) in the Atabean Trading Company
A military man that aspires to be half as cunning as Costanza and falls well short
Constanza tricked him into running his ship aground in some shoals which resulted in his demotion from captain
A bit of a suck-up with little vision or ambition.

The Devil Jonah/Origin Unknown/Terror of the Atabean Sea
They struck an accord once…
Constanza has not seen the Devil Jonah since their bargain but he watches his back for signs of the Black Freighter and forbids mention of Jonah or the name “Caroline” aboard his vessel.
I mean, he’s the Devil Jonah. What other quirks does he need?

The Gentleman Costanza

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