Alejandro Ruis Isidoro Zeru De la Espada



La Joven Promesa
Naval Officer


The Magician: Willful
The Hero: Foolhardy


Brawn ••
Finesse ••••
Resolve ••
Wits •••
Panache ••


Aim ••
Athletics ••
Convince •
Empathy ••
Intimidate ••
Notice ••
Perform ••
Sailing ••
Warfare ••
Weaponry •••


Duelist Academy (Mantovani)
Reputation (Unhinged)
Perfect Balance
Sea Legs
Student of Combat
Married to the Sea


Old Thean


A Game of Twenty Questions

1. What Nation is your Hero from?
Alejandro is a Native of Castile

2. How would you physically describe your Hero?
Average Height, lean muscular build, dark complexion, long dark hair

3. Does your Hero have recurring mannerisms?
When he goes drinking he has the supernatural gift of waking up in the oddest places: a tree, a roof, a crows nest, top of battlements… anyplace high, like he just flew up there and woke up.

Scoffs at talk of the prophet

Always twirls his beard hair in his fingers.

4. What is your Hero’s main motivation?

To find a way to overcome the suffocating darkness he feels enveloping his soul.

5. What is your Hero’s greatest strength? Greatest weakness?

He is like a flaming barrel careening down a steep hill, those in his way will be crushed and burned. He is also like a burning barrel careening down a steep hill, if not stopped he can burn out into a smoldering pile or crash into splinters at the bottom of the hill.

6. What are your Hero’s most and least favorite things?

His favorite thing is to hang a hammock over the rails of the ship and take a nap in the water lapping away his fatigue. His least favorite thing would have to be chores of able bodied men who wish to do nothing but wager their life away.

7. What about your Hero’s psychology?

He wakes from nightmares on what happened to his wife and feels guilt for not being there to protect her.

8. What is your Hero’s single greatest fear?

Forgetting Valentina’s face, scent, voice, smile, etc.

9. What are your Hero’s highest ambitions? His greatest love?

His highest ambition is to cleanse the corruption of his beautiful country. His greatest is lost but not forgot, maybe one day he can find someone to fill the hole.

10. What is your Hero’s opinion of his country?

It is a maggot filled cesspool in need of a cleansing.

11. Does your Hero have any prejudices?

Normally yes, to sorcery. Although, his wife was labled a sorceress and he loved every aspect of his wife. Transative properties dictates he must love some form of it. If the rumors about his wife were lies, “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”; and his enemy hates sorcery.

12. Where do your Hero’s loyalties lie?

Currently on the wind.

13. Is your Hero in love? Is she married or betrothed?

He was in love, and it all went burning down.

14. What about your Hero’s family?

Wife is desceased
Father a decorated soldier
Mother teaches young children
Brother currently severing in the Castilian army
Sister ran away with an Ussuran fellow she fell in love with

15. How would your Hero’s parents describe him?

Since his wife died, dark and lonely. In need of a friend.

16. Is your Hero a gentle?

Not currently

17. How religious is your Hero? What sect of the Church does he follow?

He was once upon a time as religious as they come. A devout follower of the Vatacine. When they took her away they also took his beliefs and trust,

18. Is your Hero a member of a guild, gentle’s club, or secret society?

He joined the Las Vagabonds after his abrupt departure of the navy.They are the reason he is out here “healing”.

19. What does your Hero think of Sorcery?

looks like i already answered this lol

20. If you could what advice would you give your Hero?

He who has a why to live can bear almost any how.



Vicealmirante Enrique Lopez
Vice Admiral of the Castilian Blockade
“Take care of your subordinates, and they will take care of you.”
Will relace his boots for what is best for Castile.

Ilyse Fuchs
Eisen Vixen
She has many secrets hidden away in her wagon, some heavier than steel.
Would rather sit out a fight than finish it.

Ailin Mahar
Innismore Traveler of Tales
He has stories of all the farefolk, claims to have met most of them.
The man can get lost in a hallway.


Baldassarr Esposito
Vodacce Gambler (knows Mondavi)
Everything is a game, and he knows how to play most games
“If you are fighting fair, you are not trying to win.”

Vesten Buisnessman/barfighter
Stand up businessman by day
Run your head through a wall at night

Alesky Wiśniewski
Commonwealth Everymans man
knows a man who knows a man.
Friends may keep you fed, money will keep you fed.


Bishop Julio Prieto-Alvereze (Castilian)
Vaticine Priest
Persuades heretics to confess
Works with the Inquisition

Contraalmirante Rodriguez Montero (Castilian)
Commodore of the Castilian Blockade
Man is built like a brick shithouse
Rumored to have slithered his was to his position.

Porche De Luca (Vodacce)
A witch…
Some say she is not a fate witch, but the devil.
If looks could kill she would be the Plauge

Alejandro Ruis Isidoro Zeru De la Espada

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