The number 3 GIS result for 7th Sea… and rising!

Season 1! Pirates of the 7th Sea: The Isle of the Sunken Eye – A ragtag group of friends find themselves turning pirate and quickly become entangled in a deeper conspiracy to plunge Theah in an age of darkness… join Marce, Winston, Leon and Sean as they race against a terrible evil and try to prevent him from raising the lost island of Cabora from the depths of the 7th Sea!

Season 2! Pirates of the 7th Sea: The Darkest Hour – Twenty years after the famous crew of Invictus have retired from daily adventuring, a shadow has fallen over Theah, a shadow cast by the former heroes of Cabora! Now it is up to Vincent, Alexander, and Francesca, as well as a few old friends, to restore the fates of their fathers!

Season 3! Pirates of the 7th Sea: The Unconquered Ship – Seven years after the rise of Cabora and again the seas are brewing with trouble. The Vendel League wars to claim control over all the seas of Theah, including the mystical and untouched 7th Sea, and only a lone band of brave pirates, led by the mysterious Captain Nate Rogers, can stop them!

Season 4! Pirates of the 7th Sea: The Price of Freedom – Running parallel to the adventures of the Invictus. What do a brawling Inish sailor, a burly Ussuran shapeshifter, and a gunpowder snorting, mad Eisen bomber have in common? Alcoholism.