Ship Classes

Highly versatile and able to be customized to fit a variety of situations, Brigs are among the most popular ships on the Seven Seas. When making a Risk in a Brig, a Hero can reroll one of his dice.

Gain a bonus die when making a Risk involving maneuverability.

Rows of large cannons are impractical on a carrack, but they are often outfitted with several boarding guns. All Heroes gain a bonus die when making a boarding Risk, or when the ship gets boarded.


Smaller ships that pack a mean punch, a Frigate is typically overgunned relative to its size. When spending Raises to inflict damage with her cannons, the Frigate deals one more Hit.

Galleons are sleek and graceful despite their large size.


The smallest but swiftest class of ship used in Theah. Any attempt to hit it with gunfire requires an additional Raise.

Ship Classes

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