The Sword of Destiny

Forged for the Champion of Cabora

weapon (melee)

Dracheneisen: +1 unkept die on damage and any fencing knacks used with it.

Fuego Forged: +5 to all rolls, +10 on damage

Glamour touched: All Action Dice may be lowered by 1 at the start of each round.

Twisted: 5 Destiny Dice.

Puzzle Sword: Unbreakable, Grasping Hilt, Shimmering Blade

Soul of the Drachen: +3 Brawn, +10 Armor

Rune Weapon: Styrke (one extra unkept die on damage rolls), Kyndighet (one reroll per round), Krieg (one extra unkept die for attack rolls)


The various groups of Theah who signed the Treaty of Cabora also created this sword using their combined power. It is a magnificent blade fit for a king. It was first used by Marce to defeat Von Drachen in the Battle of 7 Nations, and has since been passed on to the Admiral in charge of defending the Island against interlopers. Rumors persist that an identical copy has been seen in the hands of a man calling himself Vincent de la Fe.

The Sword of Destiny

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