Marco Mario

The man with two first names


Hubris :curious
You receive a Hero Point whe you investigate something unusual, especially if it looks dangerous
The Magician
Virtue: Willful
Activate your Virtue and target a Villain. Until the end of this Scene, you cannot spend Hero Points and the Villain cannot spend Danger Points.


Brawn 2
Finesses 3
Resolve 2
Wits 4
Penche 2

You study Syrneth ruins and explore the lost parts of Terra.
Earn a Hero Point when you turn an artifact of value over
to a university, museum, or a publicly displayed site.

TREASURE HUNTER Gold and glittering prizes await! Best go find them. Quirk Earn a Hero Point when your hunger for rare trinkets, lost artifacts or a similar treasure gets you into trouble.

Athletics 3
Aim 2
Convince 1
Hide 2
Notice 2
Scholarship 2
Sailing 1
Ride 2
Theft 2
Weaponry 3

Signature Item
Choose a specific item that is important to you.
Describe it, decide why it is important, and maybe even give it a name. You can always spend a Hero Point to…
• have your Signature Item appear in the next
scene if you lose it or it is stolen.
• gain 2 Bonus Dice on a Risk when using
your Signature Item.
• attack a foe to deal Wounds equal to the
Raises you spend plus your highest Trait
when using the Signature Item.
• prevent a number of Wounds equal to the
Raises you spend plus your highest Trait
when using the Signature item.
You must always describe how your Signature Item
helps you, and it must make sense for the item to gain
you any bonuses in this way (GM discretion)

Eagle Eyes
As long as you have a clear line of sight, you can see perfectly out to a distance of one mile. If you use a spyglass you can even pick out fine details, such as the inscription carved into a wedding band. If you make a Risk that relies heavily on your keen vision, you gain 1 Bonus Die.

Got It!
Spend a Hero Point to immediately pick a lock, crack a safe, or disarm a trap.

Nerves of Steel

You begin each game with 2 Hero Points instead of 1.

Married to the sea


I want to get a treasure from a shied temple before my Rival dose

1) Have to find where it is.



1) What Nation is your Hero from?

2)How would you physically describe your Hero?
Male very hairy 5’7"

3) Does your Hero have recurring mannerisms?
Saying “It’s fine we can handle this” when he knows that they have no chance in hell

4)What is your Hero’s main motivation?
He wants to understand the Syrneth he likes to explore and find the past items

5)What is your Hero’s greatest strength? Greatest weakness?
He is very optimistic

The fact that the one’s he care about can get the best of him and he will leave to save them ignoring other people in danger

6)What are your Hero’s most and least favorite things?
Besides finding artifiacts his Favorit thing is hot tea something that William got him into he also likes French Pastries

His least favorit things is fighting and haveing to sit and wait for long periods of time without something to read or teinker with

7)What about your Hero’s psychology?
He thrives to get the artifiacts. He also is very doting on Jenovive
8. What is your Hero’s single greatest fear?
He has a fear of Hights snakes and inclosed dark spaces

9. What are your Hero’s highest ambitions?
To have his name in the history books for finding a lot the Syrenth artifiacts

10. What is your Hero’s opinion of his country?
It’s the best place in the world if you like to treat people like shit, Get posioned, Have people run around your back to slander you, Not have a good drink and getting stabbed in the back. Easy to say he dislikes it.

11. Does your Hero have any prejudices?
He dislikes how Vodacce treats the fate witch instead of fixing themsevles they will treat those women like dirt and have them as trophys instead of haveing them as people

12. Where do your Hero’s loyalties lie?
He is very loayal to Jenovive Attinari as he kinda sees himself as a father figure to her after he snuck her out of Vodacce when she was 13

13. Is your Hero in love?

14. What about your Hero’s family?
He dosen’t know he was an orphen and was raised by a nobel who had apparently owed his father a debt and that was his way of paying it back

15. How would your Hero’s parents describe her?
Unknown as they are both dead

16. Is your Hero a gentle?
No, He dose not take stock in that as liveing in Vodacce he has seen “Noble” men and women use the cover of being a gentle and then posion or trick the person they were entertaning

17. How religious is your Hero?
He belives but he dosen’t practice it all the time.

18. Is your Hero a member of a guild, gentle’s club, or secret society?
He is apart of the explore’s guild

19. What does your Hero think of Sorcery?
HE dosen’t mind it as he seen the good and the bad. He see it as a tool that only select people can use it. As those who have it decide how they use it

20. If you could, what advice would you give your Hero?
Look before you leap I’m sure your adopted daurgter is tired of saveing you

William Craven Avalon Nobel Treasure hunter
Relationship with the PC.
Good Friend who likes to try to get the treasure first.
What happened the last time they met.
They started there Rivalry by agreeing that the next time they both hear about a treasure it’s a race
A quirk or two about the NPC.
Loves to insult Marco by calling him “Uncultured pigeon”

Octavia Keltinburg Vendel Noblewomen Chello player
Relationship with the PC.
A “close” lady friend she informs him in both letter and person about things she hears when she gose around to play music
What happened the last time they met
She sent him on this next adventure….
A quirk or two about the NPC.
Really proper germaphobic always cleaning her fingers always wears white gloves unless playing

Anastazja kowal Sarmation Commonwealth Arceologest
Relationship with the PC.
What happened the last time they met.
Went through a temple with Macro and William
A quirk or two about the NPC.
Hot headed and Brash

Nester Pavel Ussara Musume Corater
Relationship to the PC
Buys peices from marco
What happened the last time they met.
He got a lot of artifiacts from Marco
A quirk or two about the NPC.
Smart nerdy guy. That is somehow a Smooth ladys man

Juno Agathe Numa Smuggler
Relationship with the PC.
Smuggling partner
What happened the last time they met.
They got Jenovive out of Vodacce
A quirk or two about the NPC.
Jumpy and loves to drink

Rozalie Myrine Jaragua Witch Doctor
Relationship with the PC.
Doctor that Marco trust
What happened the last time they met.
Marco was brought to her after Jenovive drug him to her after a trap got him
A quirk or two about the NPC.
She always has an remidy on hand, Often seen as strange by “normal” people.

Gian Attinari Vodacce Nobel
He fucking hates Marco as he snuck his sister out of Vodacce when he was suppose to watch her
What happened the last time they met.
He punched Marco in the face so Marco snuck his sister out of Vodacce
A quirk or two about the NPC.
he’s a swordsman and a sore loser

Jacque Montre Montine Forgery Maker
A guy that Marco hates they both don’t care for another since Marco sees through the fakeries
What happened the last time they met.
Marco called him out on his fakeries but the people he was showing it off didn’t belive him and marco had to leave for now
A quirk or two about the NPC.
HE’s a know it all that is hard to catach off gaurd.

Diego Lorenze Casteel Inquistor
Relationship with the PC.
Wants to arrest him for conspiering with a fate witch
What happened the last time they met.
He had almost caught Mario and Jenovive trying to get them
A quirk or two about the NPC.
Very “noble” belives that he’s doing Theus’s work

Marco Mario

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