Jenovive Attinari




Yingret Rodd
relationship handmaid/best friend
last met she told me to tell no one of my magic and when my father found out that she was helping me hide my powers i never seen her again

Vadcce fate witch
relationship met once
last time we met
she gave me the heros arcana deck to learn about my powers and told me “you are brave for leaving everything you knew. I hope it works out for you” and then blessed me


Messenger for William
came to a ball I was at in place of William to meet me for him.
he was quite rude.

William Craven (my fiance)
Avalon Nobel Treasure hunter
Mario’s friend who race him for treasure the two always getting into terrible situations.
What happened the last time they met.
Marco and William got into an argument about an old dagger. raced to get it and of course Marco got stuck in a trap and William and I had to work together to get him out


Gian Attinari
relationship brother
last seen another when he left me with Marco so I wouldn’t wander away again

Roberto Attinari
relationship father
sent me away from him to deal with business matters, after I asked him to go somewhere

1. What Nation is your Hero from? Vadcce

2. How would you physically describe your Hero? hour glass about 5’4

3. Does your Hero have recurring mannerisms? She is flirtatious and often refers to men as Dolce Muto (dumb sweet)

4. What is your Hero’s main motivation? to be free and not have to marry someone she doesn’t love. or even like

5. What is your Hero’s greatest strength? Greatest weakness? weakness is her quick temper. strength is being sweet on men to get what she needs and quick to leave

6. What are your Hero’s most and least favorite things? reading anything and everything.

7. What about your Hero’s psychology? mostly agitated and paranoid

8. What is your Hero’s single greatest fear? being caught and forced to marry and never being allowed to read again

9. What are your Hero’s highest ambitions? Her greatest love? adventure and learning with Marcio

10. What is your Hero’s opinion of his country? It is dumb how women are treated and how her magic was used to gain power

11. Does your Hero have any prejudices? not since leaving home. and becoming Marcios glorified secretary

12. Where do your Hero’s loyalties lie? Marcio is her best friend and she trust him with her life except when searching for knowledge

13. Is your Hero in love? No. she actually detest most men because how blinded they are by lust.

14. What about your Hero’s family? terrible people. who she ran from and are currently searching for her

15. How would your Hero’s parents describe her? told her mother was dead. Father believes she is a nuance to curious for her own good

16. Is your Hero a gentle? most the time even her way of attacking out of a battle is gently kissing them

17. How religious is your Hero? she was forced to attend but not allowed to be involved or to read the bible

18. Is your Hero a member of a guild,gentle’s club, or secret society? Starting out in the Explorer’s society/ No

19. What does your Hero think of Sorcery? she knew nothing of it until weird stuff started happening around her. her books were yanked away and wasn’t allowed to talk to any of her fathers guest anymore. she was always treated like an outcast so she hated it until explained what it really meant

20. If you could, what advice would you give your Hero? calm down! walk away, it’ll be okay… no wait! don’t break anything!!!


Jenovive Attinari

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