Sir Eirnin O'Donaghy

Captain of "The Hangover" - Version 2.0.1



Brawn 3
Finesse 2
Resolve 3
Wits 2
Panache 3


Pugilist- You rely on your hands and feet to solve all the violent problems in your life.
Quirk- Earn a Hero Point when you drop what you’re holding to fight with fists regardless of your opponent’s weapon.

Ship Captain- You command a crew and sail the seas for whatever banner you fly.
Quirk- Earn a Hero Point whenever you’re the last one in your crew to safety.


Aim 1
Athletics 3
Brawl 3
Convince 2
Empathy 2
Intimidate 2
Notice 2
Perform 2
Sailing 3
Warfare 1


Able Drinker
Foul Weather Jack
Married to the Sea
Sea Legs
Sorcery: Knights of Avalon I


Virture: Willful- Activate your Virtue and target a Villain. Until the end of this Scene, you cannot spend Hero Points and the Villain cannot spend Danger Points.
Hubris: Foolhardy- You receive a Hero Point when your brash, cocky, or reckless actions cause trouble for you and another Hero.


Embodiment: Willfrith, the Knight of Will
Major Trait: Resolve
Minor Trait: Will
Endless Vigil I (Major Resolve)
Heroic II (Minor Luck)
Mad Luck II (Major Luck)
Pain Is Temporary III (Minor Resolve)


Family Reunion
With the birth of his child approaching, Eirnin must deal with the threat of Aibreann’s family.
Ending: Brion and Benjamin are no longer a threat to Eirnin, Aibreann, and their unborn child.
Reward: Resolve (Rank 4)
1) Travel to Inismore, find MacNamara loyals, and find out where Brion and/or Benjamin are and what they’re doing.

Where There’s A Will…
Ending: Eirnin discovers the true fate of the previous Knight of Will
Reward: Brawl (Rank 4)
1) Eirnin inquires about the previous Knight of Will at his ceremony.

Other Details

Wealth Points:
Banked Story Points: 2

Completed Stories

Embodiment of Will: Reward – Sorcery; Knights of Elaine (Rank 2)
Crown of the Autumn King: Reward – 1 GM Story Point


The Game of Twenty Questions, 2nd Edition

1) What Nation is your hero from?
Eirnin was born in Dunkeen, Inismore, The Glamour Isles

2) How would you physically describe your Hero?
Despite his Inish pride and mannerisms, Eirnin tends to favor his Eisen father, which has the added affect of making him look more generically Inish that he probably would have otherwise. Eirnin is tall for an Inish man, wiry muscled, with light brown hair, a red beard, and green eyes. He keeps his hair relatively short when compared to typical Inish men and takes relatively good care to keep his beard neatly trimmed. Eirnin wears typical Inish clothing but opts for a heavy coat when at sea or in port. He is almost never seen without his wool cap.

3) Does your Hero have recurring mannerisms?
Other than his Inish brogue, Eirnin tends to smile alot, especially when it’s not appropriate.

4) What is your Hero’s main motivation?
Freedom. Eirnin lived a poor life in the streets of Dunkeen, watching the ships from ports all over the world sail in and out. His mother would often regale him with tale of his father, an Eisen sailor. He grew up with a rather romantic idea of the sea and the sailor’s life. When his mother passed away, he immediately packed his things and took a job aboard the first ship that would take him. Now that he is part owner and captain of his own ship and found his true love, living free, seeing the world, and raising his family is his primary motivation.

5) What is your Hero’s greatest strength? Greatest weakness?
Strength: His honestly and is uncompromising morals. Eirnin has a VERY strong sense of right and wrong and refuses to compromise those morals for anything. He is loyal to his friends and refuses to leave a man behind.
Weakness: Eirnin tends to act before thinking, charge into things blindly, and get others into trouble in the process.

6) What are your Hero’s most and least favorite things?
Favorite: Aibreann, booze, his ship, his friends.
Least Favorite: Holier than thou nobles, people who hurt others for personal gain, Aibreann’s family

7) What about your Hero’s psychology?
Eirnin is a bit of a romantic and wears his heart on his sleeve. He is honest, loud, braggadocios, and awesome.

8) What is your Hero’s single greatest fear?
The loss of his wife, followed by the loss of his freedom.

9) What are your Hero’s highest ambitions? His greatest love?
Eirnin really just wants to be the best man he can be, according to his own definition of what a man can be. His greatest love is his wife. And the sea. And booze. But mostly his wife. Sometimes.

10) What is your Hero’s opinion of his country?
Eirnin is more of less the typical Inish man. He is proud, loud, and always has a song in his heart. He is more a firm supporter of Mad Jack than he is Queen Elaine due to years of Avalon occupation of Inismore but if the O’Bannon supports her, he’s at least willing to cooperate with the Queen. When away from home, Eirnin speaks highly and frequently of home, always longing to return there (and always long to leave when he arrives).

11) Does your Hero have any prejudices?
Eirnin dislikes most nobles (at first) and like most Inish folk, has prejudices against anyone who isn’t Inish (which he is usually quite vocal about) but this tends to be more playful jingoism than anything. He’s more than willing to set his prejudices aside for people who work hard and appreciate the things they have.

12) Where do your Hero’s loyalties lie?
With his family and friends.

13) Is your Hero in love? Is he married or betrothed?
Yes, his is both in love and married. He spend a long time searching for the love of his life and while their marriage is sometimes a little outrageous and adventurous, anyone who meets them can tell they were meant to be together.

14) What about your Hero’s family?
Eirnin’s mother is dead and his father is so estranged he may as well not exist.

15) How would your Hero’s parents describe him?
Eirnin’s mother would be quite proud of the man he has become. He doesn’t know his father well enough to know what he’d think.

16) Is your Hero a gentle?
By his own definition, certainly. He believes he is the ideal man.

17) How religious is your Hero? What sect of the Church does he follow?
Eirnin is more classically Inish pagan than he is Vaticine. His feelings towards the Church of the Prophet is mixed: on the one had, they provide education and health care to the needy; on the other hand, the Inquisition has tried to kill him on more than one occasion.

18) Is your Hero a member of a guild, gentle’s club, or secret society?

19) What does your Hero think of Sorcery?
Eirnin has mixed feelings about sorcery, preferring to judge the individual sorcerer than the art of sorcery as a whole. With his recent discovery of his own sorcerous powers, he’s not certain how he feels anymore.

20) If you could, what advice would you give your Hero?
None. He’s awesome. Fuck you for asking.

Sir Eirnin O'Donaghy

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