Edwin Rodd


-Monster Hunter

Duelist School—-

-Brawn 4
-Finesse 2
-Resolve 3
-Wits 2
-Panache 2

-Aim 3
-Athletics 3
-Brawl 1
-Empathy 1
-Intimidate 3
-Notice 3
-Perform 1
-Weaponry 3

-Duelist Academy
-I wont die Here
-Indomitable Will
-Into the Fray

Twenty Question

1. what nation is your hero from?

2. How would you physically describe your Hero?
Very tall and that fat strong look.

3. Does your Hero have recurring mannerisms?
-SNIFFING loudly at random times.

4.What is your hero’s main motivation?
To be a world renown Hunter.

5.What is your Hero’s greatest strength? Greatest weakness?
Greatest strength is … Strength and fight skills His Weakness the thinking bits.

6.what are your Hero’s most and least favorite things?
Fancy clothes, wine, and grapes.

7.What about Hero’s psychology?
looking at ever thing as a challenging hunt and imagines tackling the objective.

8.What is your Hero’s single greatest fear?
The ocean

9. what are your Hero’s highest ambitions? His greatest love?
To see a great monster and provide for his family and friends.

10.What is your Hero’s opinion of his country?
Not a real though. no loyalty for his country only friends and family.

11. Does your Hero have any prejudices?
does not trust magic.

12. Where do your Hero’s loyalties lie?
friends, family, and the one that hire me.

13. Is your Hero in love? Is she married or betrothed?
Not anymore

14. What about your Hero’s family?
Mother and Sister still live back in Eisen Father dead from a sickness 10 years back.

15. How would your Hero’s parents describe him?
Cocky, Strong, Dim.

16. Is your Hero a gentle?

17. How religious is your Hero? What sect of the Church does he follow?
Fallows no gods, believes that fate is in his hands alone.

18. Is your Hero a member of a guild, gentle’s club, or secret society?

19. What does your Hero think of Sorcery?
Does not trust it at all.

20. If you could what advice would you give your Hero?
Burn the witch!



Die Kreuzritter
“We marched south, believing that all demons came from the Crescent Empire or Ifri. When we only found other men we returned, only to find demons living in our homes.”
Over five hundred years ago a small band of brave Eisen men and women built a small fort at the edge of the Wälder. The forest was known to be the birthing ground for the most evil of creatures and the blackest of magics. Over time this small fort grew into a village and—with the aid of the Vaticine Church—the Knightly Order of the Rose & Cross established a small guild dedicated to the protection of Eisen from whatever crawled out of the forest. This guild, not officially part of any order or fraternity, had no name in the early days. It would one day be known as Die Kreuzritter, The Crusaders, but before that it was only known by its symbol, a white star on a black background. A motif so powerful that it inspired the villagers to call their settlement the Stern, or the Star. Over time this hodgepodge guild expanded and its connections to the Vaticine Church grew strained. Until finally, in 1128, the Imperator of the guild, a devoutly Vaticine man, convinced the guild to march south. The Church believed that the demons of the Wälder came from a land known as the Crescent Empire and if the people of Stern ever wanted peace they would need to root out the creatures lair. Except when they arrived, there were no demons, only men and women. Their Imperator claimed that they had not traveled far enough. That demons must come from Ifri and they marched further south. This time when they found only men and women, the Imperator claimed that demons must come from the east, from Cathay. Except the guild didn’t believe him. Turning on their Imperator, the men and women under his command marched home with their new allies: agents from far-away lands. Except the home they returned to was not the one they left. In their absence, Stern was overrun by monsters and the Vaticine Inquisition stepped in. The crusaders had been branded traitors; the Inquisition claimed they marched on an unsanctioned Crusade,
abandoning Eisen itself to the Horrors. Their Imperator had never intended for them to return from their quest. The guild was intentionally lead from its home so that the Inquisition could take its place. Knowing they would never survive an open conflict with the Church, Die Kreuzritter vanished into the shadows, armed with immense experience and unique knowledge. They decided to live in the darkness and protect others from the monsters that lived there. They may have been branded traitors and heretics, their friends and family might revile them, but they knew the truth. That there were real monsters out there. Creatures beyond the ken of mere Théans. They vowed to never be used as a tool of politics or religion but to protect the innocent. To be a star shining true against the darkness.

Favor with Die Kreuzritter Die Kreuzritter primarily concerns itself with inhuman monsters and dark magic. Information regarding a strange monster’s weakness, proof that the Baron is secretly a necromancer, or the location of a sword that turns the walking dead into dust is likely to be of great interest to them. A Hero who belongs to Die Kreuzritter can earn Favor in the following ways.

• Selling information about a monster, a dark sorcerer or a cursed or dark artifact earns 2 additional Favor (for a total of 4 Favor) after the creature is destroyed, the sorcerer is defeated, or the artifact is claimed or destroyed by Die Kreuzritter agents. • Acquiring dracheneisen gains you 10 Favor. Dracheneisen is the most effective weapon against Monsters. The more the Order gains, the easier their job becomes.
A Hero who belongs to Die Kreuzritter can call upon them for aid in the following ways.

• Access to a reliquary costs 4 Favor. A Kreuzritter reliquary contains dangerous magical artifacts that either the order could not destroy or it chose to keep in case of a future need. Accessing a reliquary allows access to a relic belonging to the order, typically a dracheneisen weapon, that they will loan to their trusted agent for one mission (usually a few Scenes, but no longer than an Episode). An agent is expected to return the relic to the order once her mission is complete, and refusal to do so can result in the agent being declared a traitor.

• A dracheneisen weapon’s location costs 9 Favor. The Order does not simply hand their agent a blade—they are too valuable and rare for that. They will, however, share a blade’s location and assist their agent in acquiring it. You gain a special Story— “Dracheneisen Seeker”—that rewards you with a dracheneisen blade upon completion. The “Dracheneisen Seeker” story must be at least 10 steps long and will involve a great deal of danger. Die Kreuzritter will gladly allow a trusted agent to carry and wield a dracheneisen weapon acquired in this way, so long as that agent remains a member of the Order.

Edwin Rodd

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