Able Étalon du Toille

Nicknamed: Sheila, First Mate of "The Hangover"


Brawn 2
FIness 3
Reslove 2
Wits 2
Panache 5

You regularly attend the courts of your home Nation and
act as a diplomat to foreign courts.
Earn a Hero Point whenever you turn the tide of violence
with charm and flair.

You protect your your life to mastering the blade.
Earn a Hero Point when you resort to the edge of your
blade to defend a noble ideal.


Duelist Academy
An Honest Misunderstanding
Friend at Court
Able drinker ship
Foul Weather Jack
Married to sea

Athletics 2
Convince 3
Empathy 2
Intimidate 2
Perform 2
Ride 2
Tempt 2
Weaponry 3

Virtue: Humble
Activate your Virtue to gain 2 Hero points instead
of 1 when you activate your Hubris or trigger
a Quirk.

Hindrene Loyal
You receive a Hero Point when your Hero goes
back for a fallen comrade or refuses to leave a
wounded ally.

WIth time quickly approaching for his memory erasure comeing up can Able get to the fate witch that cursed him?
Ending: Able gets his cursed removed
Reward: 3 FInesse
Step 1: Find the name of the fate witch that cursed him

Step 1: Able Can’t quit Adventureing
Ending:His father kicks him out
Reaward: Vaillent Spirit

Story ideas
Ending: His wife starts travling with him
Start: WHile his wife did wait for him patiantly it’s time for him to spend time with her.
Reward RICH

Ending : Benjamin Macnamara Decides it’s best leave Able and the crew alone
Step 1 : HE comes back after his horse
Reaward: SIGNATURE ITEM (The horse and a magical horse whistle that allows him to call the horse)

ENding: Alcide Mondavi can no longer do his hunt
Step 1: He finds the crew to continue his hunt.

For the future
Step 1:Able gets word to go to a high proflie ball
Ending: THe ball doesn’t go quiet as planned

Past haunting
Step 1: Get found out by “boss” in Vodachii
ENding: Get the dimond that he went out to get 3 years ago

Ally hunting
Step 1: End up in avalon by the Nobles who liked him
Ending: Getting them to help with his cause
Reward Convince 4

Step 1: Get confronted by Peter from his past
Ending: Defeating Peter in a one on one duel
Reward: Weapon 4

Finished stories

Aminisia (done)
Memory is a funny thing without it a man has no past yet still people remember them. Able has no idea who he really is just his name.
Ending: Able learns of his past
Reward: 4 finesse
Step 1: FInd someone who knows of him more then the 1st mate of the hangover


His father was a Montague and his mother was an Avalon his mother didn’t want him to have a cheesy name so she called him Able his mother died a few months after he was born from birth related problems so his father took care of him and worked as he got older his father taught him about fencing. At his sixteenth birthday he was hanging out with his friends and went into a tavern got drunk and ended up in a bad part of town messing with a witch she cursed him that every year on January 1st at midnight according to the clock in London he will lose all his memory until her family line dies or uncurse him. When he awoken the next day he realized he had only 24 hours till he lost his memory trying to fix it he failed.

The first year he didn’t know who he was at all he accidenlty got involved with some Avalon nobles who after a few days liked him some of them hated him like Peter and he lived a nobles life they gave him the name of James well he loved that life forgetting about everyone else in his old life he went with his new friend John to Voddachi in December John needed to head back but Able ,John at this moment, said he’d rather stay here for a few more days on December 31’st

Able put on his old cloths to go explore at midnight he forgot were he was going and why. He was found by a band of thefts who by his old cloths which were bad by now brought him in when he said he didn’t know who he was or how he got there they gave him the nick name “Rat tail” because of his ability to fight and blend in almost he was put on many different assignments he quickly became friends with the people three one being only known as “Boss” the other “Sly hands” and last “Forked tongue” He had many people disliked him in there being so close to the Boss “Shifty eyes” being the main one well on December 31’st “Boss” gives him a job to go to Montague to steal a rare diamond as

January roiled around he forgot his job and all the people he knew. So far in his travels he has met two Irish men two Avalon females a German Iceland and Russian man all who have given him many nick names from cheezer to shela even thought he complains about the nick names he enjoys traveling with them so far…

He has finally made it back to Voddachi learning about his past life as a thief not knowing he had angered the Boss he needed to either pay back the money ,which is 5000, or kill a cretin knew royalty after that his travels continued to to a few towns helping his friend to find the love of his life which he ended up getting married to her! During the wedding party he had enjoyed a few girls and went outside to relieve himself when a man on a nice horse came up asking for the newly wed man he refused to answer the man and just gave him off the wall things getting him stabbed twice which he repleyed to “well fuck” he knew that he needed to get away so he talked his way and circled him to lean back on his horse which he grabbed the sattle horn then slapped the horse on the ass after a few mintues of trying to get on the horse he made it to his friends hourse to tell him what happen and was told to go back ot the ship now he has the man who stabbed him to worrie about the boss’s orders to worrie about and to figure out who he is thankfully his friend gave him a name so close to his orriginal that it sparked some what of his memory he now knows his name.

Able Étalon du Toille

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