Pirates of the 7th Sea

Tinker Tater Sploser Guy

Arnold Swartzengruber’s strange past comes back to haunt him.

Goal: Reconcile Sploser’s heritage.

Step 1: Decipher the letter.

The League of Evil Exes
Eirnin O'Donaghy

Aibrean’s courtship wasn’t without a host of challenges, and some of those aren’t entirely finished.

Goal: Defeat Aibrean’s jilted suitors.

Step 1: Handle Guy du Riche.

Dmitry Ragoza

From a young age, Dmitry has been marked for greatness by Matushka.

Goal: Learn Matushka’s lesson.

Step 1: Learn the Firebird’s Lesson.

Chain of Command
Luc Durand

Charles du Chevalier, Luc’s former commanding officer, has come seeking him.

Goal: Convince Charles to give up his pursuit, one way or another.

Step 1: Confront Charles.

The White Lady

A mysterious Fate Witch clad in white may hold the key to Able’s forgotten past.

Goal: Discover how La Donna Bianca’s sorcery can aid Able.

Step 1: Find information on La Donna Bianca, the White Lady.
Step 2: Confront the White Lady on Mondavi lands.
Step 3: Convince La Donna Bianca to help.

Long Live the Prince!
The Crew

The crew is invited to the Sarmatian Commonwealth following a startling announcement.

Goal: Give aid to the Prince of the Sarmatian Commonwealth.

Step 1: Protect the Prince after announcing he announces the Golden Liberty.


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